NTI Backup Now EZ Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the difference between the OEM version of Backup Now EZ and the Retail version of Backup Now EZ:
    The difference between the OEM version of Backup Now EZ and the Retail version of Backup EZ is that with the OEM version you can only backup to the Toshiba External Drive as in the retail version you can backup to any external drives, CD/DVD, or network hard drives.
  2. I performed a 'complete system backup' recently. I noticed a message this morning that said that I had never backed up my registry. How do I make sure my registry gets backed up?
    That message is from a different application telling you it has not backed up your registry. The Complete System Backup backs up everything on all the partitions on you first physical hard drive. This includes your Windows registry. Since applications do not know what other applications have done, the program that is giving you that message is telling you that it also wants to backup your registry.
  3. My destination drive is filling up very fast, as the folder of the 'Images' and ‘My Files’ generated from the backups are very large. Is there a way to identify and delete old backups? If so, can this be done automatically?
    Backup Now EZ runs an initial full backup for the baseline backup and then runs incremental backups. Because of this if you delete any backup files; you need to delete them all. When you do that, the next time the backup runs it will create a new full baseline backup followed by more incremental backups. If you have enough space, you can rename the backup folder, run the backup to create the new baseline backup and then delete the old, renamed backup folder.
  4. Is it necessary to make a new bootable disc each time I run a complete system backup?
    While the message to create a bootable disc appears at the end of every run of the Complete System Backup, there is no difference in the discs created, once you have made one, you do not need to make another.
  5. I have 6 HD in my computer. C:, E:, F:, G:, H:, I:. How do I change the system drive in the backup program? It is not getting my C drive but it is getting the H drive. How can I change the drive what my system is in?
    The Complete System Backup in Backup Now EZ backs up the first physical drive. If your drives are SATA, that would be the drive connected to your lowest SATA port. If your drives are IDE that would be the Primary Master IDE drive. Backup Now EZ only works for IDE and SATA drives in the Complete System Backup.
  6. I have a specific folder on the C drive that I would like to backup, but the software doesn’t backup that folder at all. It backs up rest of the files and folders. Why?
    The File and Folder Backup job from Backup Now EZ backs up all files on your C drive based on a filter. The filter selects photos, videos, audio files, Word documents, Excel files, PDF files, PowerPoint files, IE and Firefox favorites and email from Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. If you want it to back up any other files, you need to modify the source and select the file or folder in the Advanced tab. Then it will backup that file or folder.
  7. When I first ran a backup, 'Status Details' indicated 'backups did not run' and 'completed with errors' appeared under the 'backup schedule' icon under File and Folder Backup and Complete System Backup.
    Try running CHKDSK to look for and attempt repair of bad sectors and file system errors; you can do this by opening My Computer and right clicking on C drive and select Properties. In the properties window, click on the Tools tab, in the Tools tab click on the check now button in the Error Checking section. In the window that opens select both options and the click on OK. You computer will need to reboot to run CHKDSK. Also, from your antivirus software, delete everything from the quarantine. And if you have a Vista or Windows 7, try turning off the User Account Control (UAC) and see if you still have this issue. You can turn off the UAC by opening the Windows Control Panel and going into the User Accounts function. If you are in the Control Panel Home view, you will need to click on User Accounts twice. In User Accounts, click on the link that says “turn User Account Control on or off”. Then uncheck the checkbox where it says “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer” and click on the OK button. Then restart your computer.
  8. How do I restore a single file from an image backup?
    If you did a complete system backup, you cannot pick and choose what you want to restore. With complete system backup you need to restore everything.
  9. All of my backup files on my external hard drive are .NBF file extension, how do I restore?
    In the My Files folder on your destination drive, you should have a File and Fodler.CAL file and your File and Folder*.NBF files. The CAL file is used to track which files are in which NBF files. To restore this, you can click on the Restore button in the mail screen for Backup Now EZ or you can open the action menu and click on restore from the main screen for Backup Now EZ. Then your backup will be automatically selected and you will be able to select your restore points. Then you will be able to select the files you want to restore and restore them. The Complete system backup can only be restored by booting from a bootable CD or DVD made in Backup Now EZ by running the Create Bootable Disc tool in the Tools menu in Backup Now EZ.
  10. Main NTI Backup Now EZ screen shows 'Status Details: this computer is fully protected' and scheduled backups are running. How do I test the Complete System Backup to make sure it will work in case of system failure? Clicking 'restore' button on the main screen it only seems to give me the option to restore files and folders not the complete system.
    To test the Complete System Backup, you need to boot into the Complete System Backup restore system. This can be done by booting from the bootable DVD from the Tools menu in Backup Now EZ. To tsets it, you do not want to restore to your current primary drive. You need to replace it. If your drive is an IDE drive, you will need to install a different drive as the Primary Master IDE drive. If your drive is a SATA drive, you will need to connect it to the lowest SATA port on your mother board. If you system is a lap top. You just need to remove your current drive and replace it with a different drive. After the drive is replaced, you can boot into the bootable disc made from Backup Now EZ. Your backup will be automatically found and selected. Then you can select your restore point and restore to the new drive.
  11. After installing the software, which came installed on the Toshiba USB drive I do not see any external device on the welcome screen when I try to open the modify button. My Toshiba USB drive is shown in windows as well as in device manager.
    With your Toshiba drive connected go to Device Manager. In Device Manager, go to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Under the Universal Bus Controllers select the USB Mass Storage Device and open its properties window. In the properties windows, select the Details tab. In the Details tab select Hardware IDs in the drop down list. The entries there should start with USB\VID_0480. If it does not, there is something wrong with your drive and you should contact Toshiba Storage Device Technical Support at www.toshibastorage.com. If the entries do start with USB\VID_0480, then try un-installing and re-installing Backup Now EZ for it may be corrupted.
  12. How to view File and Folder backup files?
    To view the contents of your file and folder backup, you just need to click on the restore button on the bottom of the main screen for Backup Now EZ. This will open the file and folder restore. The file and folder restore should automatically find your File and Folder.CAL file and display your most recent restore point. If the restore point it finds is not for the system, you can click on the browse button (folder icon) to browse to your File and Folder.CAL file. If you want to look at an earlier restore point, you can change the restore point by clicking on the restore point drop down list and selecting your desired restore point. If you want to view the contents of your file and folder backup on a system that does not have Backup Now EZ installed, you can go into your Toshiba drive, open the Restore folder and run the RestoreStarter application. This will start the standalone restore application.
  13. Can I do a full backup of two separate computers using this program? If so, how?
    You should be able to do backup multiple computers to the same destination. By default the complete system backup and file and folder backup will have the name of the computer in parenthesis so when restoring you will know which computer to restore what to.
  14. What is the difference between Complete System Backup and File & Folder backup?
    The difference between complete system back up and file and folder backup is that file and folder backup backs up your files and folders only. File and folder backup will not backup any program files. Complete system backup will do an image backup of your entire drive.