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Software [Dragon Burn] keeps getting better all the time a good substitute to Roxio Toast

George G., USA.

New Dragon Burn 4 is awesome I have tried the demo and managed to burn stuff Toast refuses SVCD with both NTSC and PAL videos

Ronny N., SE.

I've been happy with the efficient clean way that Dragon Burn 3 has worked to the point that I use it over Toast for all the things that it does. Its certainly rock hard stable. Thanks and I look forward to the same performance in the future with the v4 upgrade path

Dr Randy S., USA.

I love the multiple burn function on Dragon Burn especially being able to burn different types of discs and from multiple sources at the same time. You are light years ahead of Roxio always has trouble verifying perfectly good discs as well

Brian B., USA.

Each version of Dragon Burn gets better and better, I have high hopes for version 4

Erick B., USA.

[Dragon Burn] Very simple to use and very good for burning better than Toast I had before. Really I think Dragon burn is the best now

Jean P L., FR.

Much prefer Dragon Burn. It works without a hitch, glad to see a new version. I've used Roxio Win and have had many problems I don't use it any more

Robert P., USA.

[Dragon Burn] it's great I love it. It works much better than Toast saw it in store when I worked for CompUSA

David H., USA.

I think Toast is too little for the money. It appears that Dragon Burn is a better buy and just a bit more intuitive

Michael W S., USA.

Toast used to be reliable in the past not anymore. I get coasters very often. With the Dragon Burn demo not a single coaster

Dr Michael C., ES.

I like Dragon Burns clean simple interface I sometimes have to make multiple copies of a CD for my classes and Dragon Burn really does simplify this. I have been using version 3 and read about the upgrade to version 4 on Mac Minutes website and had to have it

Dr David K W., USA.

I love Dragon Burn software since the day I started to use it. It's far better than Roxio product is. It is easy to use

Glenn T., USA.

I have chosen Dragon Burn as one of the best for my iMac Indigo. I do quite a lot of medical presentations in ppt and Keynote. Also take a lot of numeric photos and transfer them for printing on classical paper

Dr Paul D., FR.

I don't like Toast because it has no buffer display and I can't really work in the background while burning. Dragon Burn 3 has been much better than Toast so I want to continue using it

Paulo A., PT.

Very happy with Dragon Burn 3.1.26. It just keeps getting better and better

Ben D., GB.

[Dragon Burn] I love it Better than Toast and much more reasonable in price

Jonathan R., USA.

[Dragon Burn] unlike other software Mac is so easy its only three clicks and work is done I do not need to go for any computer course for me to burn CDs with NTI. IT IS SIMPLY THE BEST


iTunes doesn't support my burner Toast does but Dragon Burn 4.0 is the first reasonably priced burning software that supports my burner

David N., USA.

I have Dragon Burn 3 I love it. It is simple and easy to use Great Job

Derek J., USA.

Toast 5 is good for data, mp3, backups but not good at burning VCD files and incapable of burning an SVCD which is poor

Paul K., GB.

Very much satisfied with Dragon Burn for its many features and ease of use and the many features

Mouna R., DE.

[Dragon Burn] Much better than Mac Native

Rick N., USA.

[Roxio Toast 5] Does not support real synchronous burning on multiple burners

Albert D., DE.

I have tried Dragon Burn on a friend's machine and it is easier to use than Toast

Jake R., GB.

[iTunes, iDVD] Very frustrated that I can't burn Disc At Once audio CDs with no gaps between songs. Also can't make mixed mode CDs

Eric Van W., USA
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