JewelCase Maker is a user-friendly software that allows you to not only create labels for your CD or DVD, but design and print case inserts as well.

    JewelCase Maker supports LightScribe and LabelFlash™ technology that allows users with LightScribe and LabelFlash™ - enabled devices to print quality labels directly onto specially coated discs. With our friendly EasySteps® user interface, JewelCase Maker makes it simple for you to create labels and inserts for your CD or DVD needs.
  • Features Highlights
    LightScribe Technology®
    JewelCase Maker fully supports LightScribe - an exciting labeling technology that enables you to burn CD or DVD labels in the same drive that burned/processed your data. LightScribe technology combines the CD or DVD drive of your computer with specially coated LightScribe discs to produce precise, silkscreen-quality, iridescent labels with JewelCase Maker.
    • LightScribe provides three different label modes to choose from depending on how much information and creative expression you want to display.
    • LightScribe also has three different print contrast quality level options when it comes to labeling your disc.
    LabelFlash® Technology *
    JewelCase Maker also fully supports LabelFlash™ - a new technology that advances the ability to burn high quality images directly into a specialized dye layer on the disc labeling side. With JewelCase Maker, users can personalize and customize their LabelFlash™ discs with photos, text and graphics.
    • LabelFlash advances the ability to burn high quality images directly into a specialized dye layer on the disc labeling side.
    • Using a Laser Labeling System (LLS) for data recording, this technology allows users to personalize and customize their discs with photos, text and graphics.
    * NOTE: Labelflash may not be available on some versions of JewelCase Maker.
    EasySteps® User Interface
    JewelCase Maker's EasySteps® interface allows users to easily navigate through the label and insert creation process with ease. You can easily make your own selections and access several options to customize your labels and inserts.
    • Personalize your labels and inserts with text and graphics.
    • Choose from existing graphics or create your own designs.
    • Create and print one or two page front and back cover inserts with your own menus or play list.
    JewelCase Maker is your best choice when it comes to creating CD or DVD labels and inserts for your personal and business needs.
  • Language available:

    Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

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