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Backup Now EZ is a complete backup solution for protecting your entire computer. Our File & Folder Backup method will protect your important files and folders and give you quick access to your backed up files if the need arises. With our Complete System Backup method your entire computer will be backed up including the operating system, all programs, all data files, & computer settings. And with our Cloud Backup method all your important files are backed up off-site for additional protection that also gives you 24/7 access to your data.

  • What's New!
    • NTI Cloud™ Backup
      (Off-site backup protection)
    • Windows 8 Support
      (Support for UEFI & Secure Boot systems)
    • EZ Restore
      (Restore by category, file type, or specific file or folder)
    • Customizable Filtering
      (Allows you to add your own file types to our predefined file types)
  • Get Fully Protected

    We all know it can happen, but nobody wants to think about it. In an instant all your precious digital memeories could be lost forever due to computer failure, malicious viruses, or even human error. Backup Now EZ will back up everything on your computer, giving you the peace of mind knowing that all your digital memories and important files are safe and secure. Should the unthinkable happen you can easily retrieve specific files and folders or even your complete system in a snap.

  • NTI Cloud™ Backup

    Backup Now EZ 3 has added the ability for offsite backup to NTI CloudTM. Now your files can be safe and secure in a remote loacation for that extra protection. Also, NTI CloudTM gives you 24/7 access to your data from anywhere with Internet access.

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