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Welcome to the world of Cloud computing! NTI Cloud™ is the simplest solution in the market today to establish your very own online space in the sky. It makes it easy and effortless to backup, retrieve and share just about everything in your PC, Mac, or on the mobile devices. NTI Cloud™ provides a secured access to your office or personal documents, emails, music, photos, movies and more from whichever device you happen to be using.

  • Stunning features of NTI Cloud™:
    • Ease of Use: NTI Cloud™ offers a simple and intuitive user interface in 27 different languages.
    • 1TB of Space: NTI Cloud™ offers up to 1TB (1,024 GB) of online storage capacity
    • Platform Compatibility: NTI Cloud™ is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and a wide range of mobile platforms and browsers.
    • Compatible with NTI Software: NTI Cloud™ works in conjunction with latest version of NTI Backup Now EZ™, an award winning data backup software for PC.
    • Data On-the-Go: NTI Cloud™ App is available free for your Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, and all Android OS compatible devices. Users are able to upload, download and share files, access to personal photo albums, play music or videos right at their fingertips.

In order to use this app, the users are required to create a login account at https://www.nticloud.com

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